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Fade and prevent dark spots and melasma from those fun days at the beach or after having a baby, but keep the good memories. Prevent the sun, acne and hormones from leaving a mark. 

Get access to a powerful combination of prescription ingredients that are a go to for dermatologists to treat those stubborn dark spots. The triple therapy uses hydroquinone to reduce the production of the pigment melanin that is the culprit behind hyperpigmentation, our star ingredient tretinoin to improve skin texture and reduce excess pigmentation and hydrocortisone to minimize potential irritation from the first two ingredients.  You can also get access to tranexamic acid if you prefer it as an ingredient to fight melasma.

449 AED for a two-month supply, you get:

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Five to seven days to receive your personalised treatment

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Doctor consultation and support from dermatology experts included

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Your personalised night cream shipped every two months, free

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Total control over your skin treatment and concerns

Process of improvement

Improvement 1-3 Week

Week 1-4

Initial signs of sensitivity are normal. You may experience flaking, redness, and peeling. Purging of existing acne may occur, which is surfacing of acne as your skin cell turnover is accelerated with your prescription ingredients.

Improvement 4-8 Week

Week 5-8

Sensitivity calms down. You start to see clearer skin and a more even skin tone.

Improvement 8-12 Week

Week 9-16

You should see significant improvement in skin: healthier, clearer, brighter, and even skin.

Ingredients our dermatologist use for hyperpigmentation

  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Works to reduce dark spots

Azelaic Acid

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Kojic Acid

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Tranexamic acid

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Confidence in her skin.

Our gold standard ingredient combinations of dermatology for fighting hyperpigmentation work!


Lina's three-month progress

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Dina's three-month progress

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Beauty in strength. Powerful ingredients for confident women.

Get access to dermatology experts and your own custom treatment plan and formula. Solutions made just for you.

Start consultation
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How it works

4 easy steps to healthy skin. AED 449 for a dermatologist consult and a custom night cream that lasts 2 months.


Skin questionnaire

Share your skin concerns and photos via a quick consultation.


Dermatologist review

A dermatologist analyzes your information and crafts a custom night cream.


Get your custom night cream

Your formula will be produced and shipped in 5-7 days.


Guidance and support

Unlimited access to a skin expert for guidance, check-ins and recommendations,