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Your skin. Your story. Your formula.

No thanks, I would not like another skin hack. No to pretty packaging with no results. No to “just drink more water”

We all have to deal with it at some point in our lives: that “friend” that shows up on our face at the least wanted time, like right before a date; that dark spot that blesses us after we have babies or when all we wanted was a bronzage; those wrinkles that sneak up on us and then suddenly people guess our age right.

There is so much noise when it comes to skincare and haircare: the latest hacks, the latest and greatest “natural” ingredients mostly coming from people who are in no way experts in dermatology or from companies who are just really good at marketing.

ilik was born for and from the women seeking real solutions amidst the noise, backed by science and clinical evidence, not just our word. Women who value insights from experts who've spent years studying skin science over those crafting pretty marketing ads. Science over hype any day.

We’re on a mission to make real results that are science-backed and evidence-based the new standard for beauty and wellness. Great dermatology shouldn't only be available to the Jumeirah Janes of this world. We want to make personalised prescription treatment more available and affordable to more people. Confidence in their skin without the BS; just science and consistency.

Meet your medical team

Dr. Khadija Aljefri

Chief Dermatology and Innovation Officer

Dr. Aljefri is a general dermatologist and completed her undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in the United Kingdom. She worked as a consultant Dermatologist in various prestigious London hospitals. She has an interest in medical education and training. She has various scientific publications and is a co-author in two book chap ...

Dr. Samar Khalil

Medical Director and Dermatologist

Time and time again, I observe people wrestling with typical dermatology issues, only to aggravate them by adhering to online fads or well-intentioned friends' suggestions that aren't effective for their skin. My motivation was to establish a solution that could offer more individuals the opportunity to find the ideal products tailored to ...

Dr. Gisele Alkoussa

Medical and Skin Expert

I am a pharmacist and cosmetologist by profession, and a beauty enthusiast on a mission! With over 12 years of hands-on experience in the skincare industry, I find complete satisfaction in helping my clients achieve their ultimate skin goals. This passion led me to join Ilik, an innovative platform revolutionizing skincare treatment acces ...

Our founder

Dina Sidani

Founder and CEO

For as long as I can remember, I had clear skin. That was until hormonal acne decided to make a surprise appearance in my early 30s. After seeing a dermatologist and getting a prescription that worked wonders, I couldn't help but think there had to be an easier way! And that's when ilik came to life – with the goal of making dermatology m ...

How it works

4 easy steps to healthy skin. AED 449 for a dermatologist consult and a custom night cream that lasts 2 months.


Skin questionnaire

Share your skin concerns and photos via a quick consultation.


Dermatologist review

A dermatologist analyzes your information and crafts a custom night cream.


Get your custom night cream

Your formula will be produced and shipped in 5-7 days.


Guidance and support

Unlimited access to a skin expert for guidance, check-ins and recommendations,

What's in it for you?

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Save time

Consult with a dermatologist at your own time, without the wait for the appointment or the waiting room.

AED 1000+ in clinic
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AED 449 for a consult and treatment plan

Everyone deserves the most effective solutions without breaking the bank. This includes your customised formula.
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On-going check-ins

Our medical experts stick with you throughout your journey with progress check-ins.

Beauty in strength. Powerful ingredients for confident women.

Get access to dermatology experts and your own custom treatment plan and formula. Solutions made just for you.

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